One of the struggles that women today face is the issue of “having it all.” A successful career, a healthy, cared-for family, a vibrant social life, and a sense of contribution to one’s community are all touted as must-haves for the successful 21st century woman. But being and doing everything on your own is impossible.

Be realistic with yourself. Sometimes, the demands that modern society puts on its women can be too much to meet. You are not weak for having to seek help with anything, including the upkeep of your home or your family’s care. The key to successfully meeting these demands without driving yourself insane is finding a balance between them. Consider taking the following steps to make “having it all” not a dream, but your reality.

Assess Your Priorities

What is most important to you right now? Your answer today might not be the same as it was five years ago. Maybe you’re at the point in your life where your career is on a fast-moving trajectory. Seize it. Do not apologize to anybody for eschewing a social life or having your partner take on more childcare duties while you chase your career dreams. Being in touch with your priorities is the key to building a plan that allows you to reach your goals.

Enlist Your Partner’s Help

He or she is there to support you when you need support. Conversely, you should support your partner when he or she needs your help. Work with your partner to develop a daily or weekly routine for your shared household and childcare duties. You are a team, and the key to successful teamwork is communicating with each other and being flexible when necessary.

Make a Plan

Plan ahead. The less you have to plan in the moment, the more time you have to devote to the things that matter, like your children or your current project at work. Whether you opt to use smartphone apps or just a pad and paper, draft your weekly schedule ahead of time. This gives you a guideline to work off as you go through your weekly routine.

Take Care of Yourself

Most importantly, do not let your responsibilities get in the way of caring for you. Everybody needs time to recharge and relax and if the only time you have to do this is when you’re sleeping, you need to rearrange your schedule to fit in some self-care.
How you care for yourself is up to you. If you are into working out, make it a point to get to the gym for an hour a few times each week. If you are a gardener, spend some time alone in your garden. You might even just want to take a few hours each week to read a good book or spend time browsing the internet for fun. Do this. Do what you need to do to recharge your batteries. You are your most important asset – investing in your mental and physical health pays huge dividends in every other area of your life.