Marie Napoli and Philanthropy

Sensitivity to the Needy

Marie and Paul continue to bee very sensitive to the needs of people not only seeking their legal help but also in other societal challenges. In 2001, this inspired them to come up with the Marie and Paul Napoli Foundation to support as many charitable causes as they could.

Cancer Survivor

Like her husband, Marie Napoli also survived a scare of her own, breast cancer. It was an eye opener to the different trials and challenges many people with the complication go through. When Paul Napoli was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia, it renewed their resolve to do as much as possible to support research and funding that would lead towards eradicating this terrible illness.

Providing Support

Along with her firm, Marie firmly believes in supporting worthy organizations, including those that promotion education & cancer awareness, honor those affected by the events of September 11th among others.

Here we highlight a few of the foundations and groups that strive to make a difference, through Marie’s support.

  • National September 11 Memorial and Museum
    • Marie, Paul and the firm continue their support for this important institution which honors, remembers and continues to document the ongoing impact of September 11th.
  • NYU Law Environmental Justice Laboratory
  • New York City Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk
    • As a breast cancer survivor, Marie has a personal connection to all organizations that focus on cancer support, research, and awareness.
  • New York City Marathon & Long Island Half Marathon
    • In honor of Paul’s fight against Leukemia, Marie ran both races to raise money for The Bone Marrow Foundation.
  • Long Island Go Red for Women
    • By contributing to this organization’s mission to build healthier lives, the goal is to have individuals lead lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke.
  • John’s University President’s Dinner
    • Marie’s commitment to education is evident by being an annual sponsor of this event, raising scholarship funds to provide financial assistance to deserving students.
  • Pencil: Transforming Schools. Together®
    • By combining the classroom with real world experience, we hope to encourage all students to consider a career in law.
  • The Bone Marrow Foundation
    • Always grateful for the information and support the BMF provided when Paul was in need of a lifesaving bone marrow transplant, Marie pays it forward with her efforts to grow this organization.

Marie Napoli and the Bone Marrow Foundation, INC.

When Marie Napoli’s husband, Paul, was diagnosed with leukemia, the family found itself suddenly thrust into a bewildering world of cancer and cancer treatment. Paul’s diagnosis of leukemia, a cancer of the body’s blood-forming tissues, was particularly shocking because he had felt fine just days before doctors determined that his cancer was quite late-stage and he was just hours away from experiencing organ failure due to the disease.

Because Paul’s form of leukemia was so aggressive, chemotherapy alone was not sufficient to destroy the diseased cancer cells in his body. That is why, as part of his treatment, Paul Napoli required a bone marrow transplant. So, on top of needing to quickly learn everything they could about leukemia, the family got a crash course in the extremely complex process of receiving a bone marrow transplant.

Paul was one of the lucky ones. His younger brother was the only match for donating the much-needed bone marrow. Doctors were able to perform the transplant procedure, replacing Paul’s diseased blood-forming cells with healthy ones, thus saving his life.

One shining light throughout the family’s terrifying experience was the education and support that they experienced from The Bone Marrow Foundation, Inc.

Currently, Marie actively participates on the Bone Marrow Foundation’s Associate Board. Marie also recently collected over $50,000 in pledges to support the foundation’s programming, as part of her running in and completing the TCS New York City Marathon in honor of her husband’s fight against leukemia.