One of the most difficult times to be a giver is during the financial and mental strain of the holiday season. However, there are a number of ways that you can remain active in your desired charity without breaking the bank or feeling overwhelmed. Twelve percent of active givers are less likely to give during the holiday season. Many people cite the reason as being a financial strain as they try to purchase gifts and make arrangements for holiday get-togethers. However, a great way to give back is to donate your time rather than your money. In fact, many charitable organizations desperately need people who are willing to wrap Christmas packages for needy children, participate in food drives, or even run errands for the organization. While your purse strings may be a little tighter during this time of year, you can still participate in your favorite charities simply by showing up and being present in day-to-day activities.

If You Donate

Donating is certainly a helpful part of giving. If you are looking for ways you can still afford to donate there are a number of tips available. For example, you can cut down on your holiday spending, simplify your holiday routine to reduce the amount of decorations or food that you buy for your household, or even reach out to family and friends who may be able to donate money as well.

Get the Family Involved

A great tradition for any family to start during the holiday season is the tradition of giving. While some people focus on extravagant family dinners, you could substitute that time as cooking a dinner for a homeless shelter or another organization. This way, the time is still spent with your family doing something to help others in need. In fact, you could use this as an opportunity to teach younger children the importance of giving back.

Do Something You Love

During the holidays, many people have certain things that they really enjoy doing. For some people, it is shopping, creating handmade gifts, or even decorating the tree. Think about the things you really enjoy doing during the holiday season and think of how you can incorporate doing those things for others. For example, perhaps you could help decorate a nursing home or make an extra handmade gift for someone in need. You can do the things you love and extend that to someone who could really use it during this time of year.

Remember What the Holidays are Really About

While you are caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, take a moment to reflect on what it’s all really about. It is the season of giving and being there for others. While it is certainly a busy time of year, remember that there is always a way to help and be there for others in need. It makes this time of year just that much more special.