Crowdfunding is a beneficial tool for any charity that is wanting to raise money for their cause. Basically, crowdfunding is using an online platform to deliver your message to a broad group of people in hopes of attracting potential donors. This is different from other forms of fundraising because it reaches a huge pool of people which is great, but makes it critical that your message is both striking and clear.

Choosing Your Platform

There are a number of crowdfunding websites available on the web. It is important that you take the time really consider which platform will work best with your goals and message. Because crowdfunding is becoming such a popular choice for raising funds, there are a many types of options that focus on topic such as education, entrepreneurs, small business, etc. Think about how you can best classify your charity and then locate a crowdfunding website that best correlates with your message. Consider how many people actually participate with that platform so that you can also increase your traffic and the likeliness that someone will make a connection with your message.

Your Message

Your message on a crowdfunding site must be well thought out. This is your one chance to describe to people what your charity does and how you will use the funds they will contribute. While you don’t want to make the message rattle on for several paragraphs, you should focus on condensing the message to include important information. Do not be vague about what you plan to do with the money. People appreciate honesty and transparency when they donate to a cause. Simply provide a brief overview of what your charity does and how you help others. Be honest about the limitations that you have for being able to assist others and describe how much of an impact it will have on those you help if you reach your monetary goal. Be as specific as possible and condense the information in an easy-to-read format for the web. Remember, people want information presented in a basic format with simple language.

Say Thanks

You Crowdfunding can certainly lead to a substantial financial gain for your charity. It is important that you set up some system to thank your contributors. In some cases, charities offer gifts for a certain amount of contribution while others simply provide a nice card with a message of gratitude. Remember, the donors are critical to your charity’s ability to continue to help others. Giving thanks will not only indicate your sincere thanks, but will also increase the likeliness for a repeat donation in the future.


Crowdfunding is a terrific source for charities to gain financial momentum and continue to help others. You can reach a large group of people and increase your donations in a short period of time. It’s a great way to connect with other people in the nonprofit industry who wish to make a difference in the lives of others.