It is because of people like you, people who know the importance of giving, that makes the difference in the future of cancer research. Fundraising is a terrific way to gather funds for a good cause. Cancer research is always in need of additional money to continue toward finding cures and better treatment plans. While many people set out to fundraise for a charity of organization that is nearest and dearest to them, it can be overwhelming to figure out the best tactics to earn the most money. Here are a few ideas for some of the most unique ways to fundraise for cancer research.

Tap into Local Talent

Chances are, there are some really talented people in your local area. Perhaps there is a great singer or magician just looking for the chance to show off their skills and help other people. Reach out to your community to find that talent pool and then use their abilities for fundraising. Simply host a talent show or a concert and charge an entry fee for people to attend. This will get the community involved in your endeavors and showcase someone else’s talents. People get incredibly excited when they know their money is going for a good cause and helping someone in their local community. This is a win on so many levels!

International Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party with exotic cuisine is a great way to gather funds for charity and research! People are interested in trying new foods from around the world. Why not bring foods from around the world to their very own block? Simply invite people in your neighborhood to attend your special dinner and charge a fee for sampling interesting foods.

Go Extreme

Extreme fundraising events are always a favorite. Things that you could consider doing are: shaving your head, jumping into ice cold water, or wearing a crazy costume in public. People have a lot of fun sponsoring crazy and hilarious shenanigans. Doing something like this is entertaining and gathers money for something that touches so many people’s lives.

Helper for a Day

Helper for a day is a really fun fundraising option. Seek out people in your community like the mayor, the school principal, or some other public official that many people are used to answering to. Auction that person off to perform various tasks around the community. It’s a fun way to get officials involved in the community and people get a kick out of seeing them work in different settings like making smoothies at the bowling alley or rocking babies at the daycare.


Fundraising is an important part of any charity or organization, and especially cancer research. Spicing up the fundraising events can make it more fun for everybody and entice people to give even more! The point is that the time and effort put into fundraising can pay off in a big way. The money that is gained today can change lives tomorrow.