If you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice, the harm you’ve experienced and the poor performance of your doctors are likely obvious to you. However, there is a significant difference between what a plaintiff sees and understands about their own case and their ability to convince a court that their point of view is correct. For plaintiffs, that’s where an expert witness comes in.

As described in this blog article, expert witnesses are commonly used by both sides in medical malpractice cases to give weight to the arguments the attorneys are making. A witness with demonstrated, specialized knowledge in the specific area of medical practice that’s at issue in the case can give the jury a perspective – and bring a level of authority to that perspective – that attorneys and other witnesses cannot.

On the plaintiff’s side of a medical malpractice case, expert witnesses are often essential because of the way a medical professional’s defense is normally handled. When a doctor or medical device maker is sued, their insurance company usually hires the attorneys who represent them, and that insurance company has a duty to rigorously defend its client. In most cases, that means hiring expert witnesses to bolster their interpretation of the facts, meaning that without an expert witness on the plaintiff’s side the jury can be swayed away from a fair resolution of the case.

If you have been the victim of negligence, a medical device failure, or egregious behavior on the part of a medical professional, it’s imperative that you discuss your case with attorneys who understand the mechanics of medical malpractice law and have a demonstrated track record of winning victories for their clients. We can help.